“Why does everything happen at once?”

Runner with back pain Lilliput Health Poole

Total Therapy’s Chiropractor Dr Mike Pride takes a look at why your pain gets worse when other things in your life ‘go wrong’.

As holistic therapists Chiropractors and Physiotherapists know that often a pain experienced by someone is not as simple as a muscle or joint dysfunction. The body, the mind and everything else in your life can have an effect of not only the amount of pain you feel but the way you experience it and the effects it has on you.

Engel produced the Biopsychosocial model of health back in 1977 and today health professionals know that there is so much more to a person’s health than merely the absence of disease or injury. Often a person might not be aware of the psychological components of their complaint and will not realise that work stress or a family bereavement can influence physical recovery and optimal function.

This is why your Chiropractor or Physiotherapist will often ask about work, home life and other seemingly unrelated factors when considering your diagnosis and treatment plan.

Takeaway advice: keeping a positive mental attitude can positively affect your recovery and overall pain experience. Don’t dismiss “other factors” in your life. Reduce stress, manage relationships, improve diet, train regularly and appropriately and get enough sleep to give your body the best chance of recovering and staying fantastic.

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