Total Therapy Post-Marathon Guide

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Congratulations on completing your race!

You have succeeded on making it through your training and race day. But what happens next?

Our Total Therapy team are here to help! Here are some handy tips and advice to help promote an efficient and full recovery after your race. This is important, not only for your body’s well-being, but also to enable a swift return to training:

Total Therapy tips for immediately after the race.

Immediately after the race

  • Active Recovery: It’s important that you keep moving for at least 15-20 minutes post-run to allow your muscles to cool down. This helps to process lactic acid from your muscle tissues and can reduce stiffness. Try to keep moving if you are waiting in a queue and get layers on to prevent getting cold.
  • Replenish with plenty of water and electrolytes to re-balance the body’s chemical composition from the fluid and salt loss experienced during the run.
  • Nourish the body with the correct nutrients; include a high intake of carbohydrates to re-supply the muscle’s glycogen stores. Also include an increased portion of protein; this is the fuel to help the tissues repair and regenerate.
  • Avoid alcohol; this will further dehydrate you and can also cause more damage to your muscles by increasing inflammation and preventing repair.
  • Care: If you have sustained an injury during the run please follow the P.R.I.C.E (Protect, Rest, Ice, Compression, Elevation) principles. Our Total Therapy team will be onsite during race day if you are not sure what to do.

What to do in the next few days…

  • Protect: all foot blisters or broken skin to avoid the risk of infection. At Total Therapy we have a dedicated team of Podiatrists who can help with this.
  • Address: Book yourself in to see one of our skilled Physiotherapists at Total Therapy. With our sound knowledge of running & biomechanical injuries we can assist with any injuries sustained in the run.
  • Treat yourself: A sports massage will help promote recovery by improving blood flow in tissues and relieve tight, aching or sore muscles.
  • Exercise: Carry out light aerobic exercise to encourage normal muscle and cardiovascular function such as a brisk walk, swim or short cycle. Gentle dynamic stretching will help reduce soft tissue tightness and joint stiffness too.

Finally, from all of us at the Total Therapy team, be proud of yourself and well done!

(The above information is intended as basic guidance and is not intended to replace seeking professional consultation. For serious injuries and concerns please contact a medical professional immediately. If you experience any pain during the above exercises/advice then stop and contact one of our team straight away.)