Peter Bloomer

Chartered Physiotherapist

Peter Bloomer - Physiotherapist in Poole and Bournemouth


Having qualified in 1999, Peter has spent the last 17 years working clinically with a wide variety of patients and a complete spectrum of medical conditions.

Peter spent the early part of his career working in the NHS in Birmingham before moving into private practice in 2001. He relocated to Bournemouth in 2003, working at the Nuffield Hospital as an orthopaedic rehabilitation physiotherapist, prior to working for 2 years for the British Army. During this time Peter was working on a part time basis for the England Golf, overseeing physical screening and athletic development programmes for the countries elite amateur golfers. He also started Total Therapy on a part time basis, alongside managing the physiotherapy service at the BMI Sarum Road hospital in Winchester. Total Therapy then grew, alongside their flagship location Lilliput Health in Poole which opened in 2009. Since then all his energies have gone into providing the best possible musculoskeltal care for all of the patients attending Total Therapy’s Bournemouth, Poole, Ringwood and now Christchurch‘s clinics.


  • Sports and orthopaedic rehabilitation
  • Athletic screening and functional profiling
  • Return to sport programmes
  • Management of chronic sports injury.


Peter particularly enjoys advanced sports injury rehabilitation and the management of chronic sports injuries which have failed to improve with other treatments.

Outside of work, Peter’s main passion is golf, which he took up only after ceasing work within the sport! Otherwise he is interested in ALL sports and is a real fan of the UFC having done several different martial arts. ”I would happily have 5 TV’s in the lounge, one for each Sky Sports channel.”


Well, probably playing golf if the weather is decent. If not, he will probably be cooking up some scheme to improve what we do!