Top 3 ways to avoid neck pain

Man at desk with sore neck - Chiropractor physiotherapist

Total Therapy Bournemouth’s Chiropractor Mike Pride gives his advice on the top 3 ways to avoid neck pain.

Improve your posture

Correct neck posture starts in your lower back and works up. There should be a straight vertical line from the greater trochanter (the bony bit at the top of the thigh on the side) to the greater tuberosity (the outermost bone of the shoulder) and the ear hole. If there is deviation from this “gravity line” then there are extra stresses placed on the spine. Due to the spine being a single unit any movement at one part of the spine will cause compensation at another part.

Strengthen the neck muscles

Studies have shown a direct correlation with decreased neck strength and chronic pain. If the muscles around the neck are stronger there is greater protection for cervical spine. Also keeping all the neck muscles strong help to maintain correct posture as the muscles are required to keep the head and neck in optimal position. Some promising research is also being conducted into neck strengthening as a means of protecting against whiplash type injuries.

Maintain the movement in your neck

When it comes to joint movement it really is a case of use it or loose it. Every night the human body puts down a layer of fascial “fuss”. This is like a spiders web between layers of tissue. Have you ever noticed the nice warm feeling in your arms when you stretch first thing in the morning? That feeling is a result of you breaking down the “fuzz” between layers of tissue. If this fuzz isn’t broken down in a day then another batch of fuzz is deposited by the body becoming denser and harder to break down. the neck is no different to any other part of the body so my stretching and moving every day you can maintain the movement by keeping the “fuzz” at bay.

But not just the neck! Neck movement is also directly affected by shoulder and midback movement and indirectly by the rest of the body. So get a good stretching regime in place!

If you want more advice on neck strengthening, help restoring posture or movement contact us at Total Therapy Bournemouth to book in for an assessment or a complimentary chat with one of our chiropractors.